Caracas & Campo Alegre

Escuela Campo Alegre, Class of 1960


We were born during the final year of World War II, Loose lips sink ships the leading edge of the baby boom generation. Our families fetched up in Caracas, Venezuela after the war and during the 1950’s. We spent a year or two or many, or were always there in that beautiful city.

I arrived in December 1954 and lived in the Tamanaco Hotel for the first several weeks. Many of you were already there. Our families came and went, mostly in the space of two decades, although some of our classmates were able to stay much longer, and some are still there. We were in the 4th grade in 1954/1955 and finished 9th grade in 1960. Our school was Campo Alegre. We reluctantly drifted away, as Dad’s transfered, high school, college, work and for some, our native lands called us to other places, other lives.

We experienced the Cuban Missle Crisis, President Kennedy’s Assassination, the counterculture, the Vietnam War, yuppies, the arrival of personal computers and the explosion of online life, and much much more in a rapidly changing world. But… we never forgot Caracas and our friends of 50 years ago.

This is a website about us, our Caracas and later lives and our reconnecting.

-Sue Foley McCann


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