Caracas & Campo Alegre

Escuela Campo Alegre, Class of 1960


Roberto Bahnson – Life after Caracas


In early 60´s is when I left Caracas and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There were 2 reason for this: First of all was that my Father was to retire from Mobil in mid 1961 which meant that we would also be leaving Caracas. Second was that the landlord of the building we lived in (calle Orinoco y Av. Valle Arriba – Edificio Yuruari – Las Mercedes) had decided to refurbish the four identical building at that corner and this meant that we had to move, parents moved to Los Palos Grandes were they lived till they left Caracas in ´61.

So to avoid having to change schools twice is why I suggested that I move to Buenos Aires and make one school change as well as joining my brother who was already in Buenos Aires as he was in the Argentine Naval Academy, were he graduated as a officer in the Argentine Navy. Finished my high schooling in the American Community School – Asociación Escuelas Lincoln.

Once out of school, had no idea what I wanted to do, so I started working meanwhile I waited to be drafted to perform the obligatory Military Service that still existed in Argentina at that time. Was drafted into the Army and was a lucky guy as do to my knowledge of English was assigned as translator to the U.S. Army Mission were I performed duties in the Operations Section under the direct command of a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, a Major, a Captain, and 2 Staff Sergeants with the functions of the transfer orders for the officers of the Argentine armed forces that were sent to the different schools for training and interchange.

On finishing my military duty, luckily was short due to the lack of funds to keep us all in service, I went for the travel industry by joining Braniff International as a reservation agent. Left Braniff in May ´67, worked for a paper mill being built in Misiones and for a travel agency till I joined Swissair.

Swissair Cargo, Swisscargo, and last Swiss Air Lines Cargo was my line of duty for a total of 35 years until three months after the termination of flights to Buenos Aires. Last flight was March 26, 2004. June 2004 I decided that I need to look for a new horizon thus left the airline business and joined a Freight Forwarder were I´m working today.

While working as a reservation agent with Braniff I met whom today is my wife. We got married in March 1970. Our family grew in August 1971, Maximiliano (Max) was born. Max presently lives in Prague, Czech Republic were he married a Czech girl in June 2005 working as a freelance English and Spanish language teacher. Once more our family grew in October 1974, Mónica was born. Mónica presently lives in Avila, Spain playing volleyball for the past six years with different teams in the pro championship league, this year she will be playing for a team from Toledo.


This is us today, taken last summer (Mar.07) at the beach were we spent a weeks vacation located on the Atlantic coast southeast from Buenos Aires (400km).

~Roberto, August 4, 2007


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