Caracas & Campo Alegre

Escuela Campo Alegre, Class of 1960


Susan FoleySusan Foley McCann – Life Since Caracas

In early 1957, halfway through our sixth grade year, my family moved to Tia Juana. I wasn’t at all happy about that move, as I really liked Caracas and our friends there.

I graduated from eighth grade in Tia Juana, one of 8 girls, no boys in the class! Much to my surprise when I first discovered it, the 1959 Tia Juana School yearbook, The Gusher is online.

I went to prep school at Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Mass. I liked it there very much. I met my future husband, Rollie McCann, at Cushing in 1960. I never really lived in Venezuela again, except for Christmas vacation each year. My family moved back to Caracas 1960-1962, then Amuay 1963, then back to Tia Juana 1964-1976, when my Dad retired from Creole. I spent summers in Massachusetts.

I attended Tufts University, near Boston, graduating in 1967 with a history degree, then right on to Simmons in Boston for a Masters in Library Science, finishing in June 1968.

In August 1968 Rollie McCann (Boston College ’68) and I married Sue Foley & Rollie McCann Wedding Day(during the week of the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago). We lived in Newton, Mass for several years before moving to Chardon, Ohio (northeast Ohio), where we lived for 7 years. Son, Jay, Sue & Jay McCannwas born there in 1972, and daughter, Kristin, Sue & Kristy McCannin 1974. During these years, I worked in public libraries in Newton, MA, Euclid, OH and Chardon, OH.

In 1977 we left Ohio and settled in Portsmouth, NH. We liked its historic aspect, location by the coast, small city size and nascent refurbishing of its downtown. Rollie’s job, as a plumbing supply manufacturer’s rep, meant we could pick most anywhere in eastern New England to live.Rollie & Sue McCann

I have been the Assistant Director at the Portsmouth Public Library since 1979. My job and libraries have changed a great deal in that time with the advent of computers, books in a variety of formats, and the Internet. Part of my job is the system administrator of our online library system (with much help from “real” computer consultants) – so the job has remained new and interesting for the most part. I have set my retirement date for June 30, 2008.

Sadly, in September 1999, my husband, Rollie, died 2 weeks after being diagnosed with a very rare and little known autoimmune disease, Wegener’s Granulomatosis. Seven years later, I am working on making a different life for myself than the one I expected. It’s very difficult and sad to let the old life fade, but there is no choice really, and there is, with the perspective of time, much interesting, good, and exciting to do. Jay, Sue & Kristy McCann At our age I imagine most of us have experienced great losses, sorrows and challenges, whether it is deaths, divorces, disappointments, physical setbacks, or whatever else. So…in a positive vein, it is wonderful to be reconnecting with friends from a happy past. Some of you I know from my Caracas sojourn, and some arrived after I left, but I hope we will all be friends as we reconnect in the virtual and, hopefully, also in the real world.

I think as much as or even more than the reminiscences of Caracas and Campo Alegre, learning what lives we have lived, since that storybook time, will be fascinating and help bind us together now and in the future. Val Birney and I got together for the first time in 49 years this past summer. We traveled around Vermont and had a blast. I picked her up in the Kingston, NY area and we just took off and had a road trip. We did have Caracas days and friends in common, but we connected just as much on a here and now level. Hope to see you in Ormond Beach in April 2007, or some time soon.

Please send me your life stories and pictures. I will add them to our site as quickly as time allows. If you know of other Venezuela websites that would be of interest to our group send that information, too.

~ Susan


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