Caracas & Campo Alegre

Escuela Campo Alegre, Class of 1960


David GreenDavid Green

For those with whom I have not been in touch, I have
two kids, Sarah, 26, a poet who teaches at Emerson and
Wheaton Colleges in the Boston area, and will be teaching
at Oberlin in the Fall; my son, Daniel, age 21, a junior
at Northwestern Music School — music major, political
science minor– he is a composer and putting on an original
musical this Spring.

I am a child and adult psychiatrist on the staff of Childrens
Hospital in Boston, work at a mostly Spanish-speaking community
health center in Jamaica Plain/Boston, with P Rican and Dominican

I miss the Caracas of my youth a ton, — our family left for
good in 1971, and I have not been back since, though would
love to go in the next year or two. My mother died in March 2006
and my Dad in May 2000. My older brother, Bill, lives in
Cleveland, and younger brother Richard, lives in Brooklyn.

Have used Google Earth to find our house, and can see an
addition as been built onto the back of it– we lived
across from one of the last greens of the Valle Arriba golf course
in Las Mercedes, on Calle Baruta.

Google Earth is weird, now, as I travel my old routes through
Las Mercedes up to Sabana Grande, and some of the streets aren’t
there anymore– converted to pedestrian malls and hotels etc.

I hope everyone soaks up some good Florida sun, and that
you put on the top 40 from 1957-8 and travel back….


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