Caracas & Campo Alegre

Escuela Campo Alegre, Class of 1960


We reconnect at reunions with many classmates, at informal gatherings of two or more of us, or reconnect by email, phone, snail mail or using this website.   Any reconnections are of interest, both pictures and “blurbs” about the reunion/reconnection.

Send reconnecting information and pictures to

Reunion 2003, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Caracas gang 2003 reunion
Dinner’s on

The whole gang
The whole gang

Toni Beals McDuffie
Toni Beals McDuffie

Val and Sue in Vermont August 2006

I picked Val up near Kingston, NY and we did a five day tour of Vermont, including seeing Camp Aloha in Fairlee, where the Birneys vacationed for a couple of summers while in Caracas.

Sue McCann & Val Birney
Sue Mc & Val W

Val Birney Wylie & Sue Foley McCann
Val & Sue

Val Birney Wylie and her grandchildren
Val & her grandchildren

Reunion 2007, Ormond Beach, FL
April 23 – 30

Hope to see you there!


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